Founded in 2012,Axiom Studios is India’s leading Game Developer,providing game development and art production services to the games industry. Axiom Studios LLP is an independent game development based company in Pune and has worked over 150 games across various platforms and genres.
Our mission is is to become one of the leading handheld gaming companies in India and having our names synonymous to quality and perfection.

Everyone here at Axiom Studios is games at heart, and we believe that the magical experience of gaming is something everyone deserves to enjoy thoroughly.
Regardless whether you are a casual gamer who enjoys 5 minutes excursions into the gaming world,or your strongest belief is that e-sports should be an Olympic event,we truly understand it. It is with this in mind that we strive to create quality games that you,our users,can enjoy.



Mobile & PC

Our game development team provides a complete set of game client and server side development services for mobile phones, tablets and PCs that run on Android, iOS, or Windows. We build games using state of the art development engines like Unity3D & Unreal to provide fully native an cross platform implementations, depending on the end usage.
Since we’ve been playing games forever, we know what an end user wants. We don’t want to defy traditions but sometimes just can’t help it; the result that you’ll find is a heady concoction of preserved core game-play, but a tremendously different game play style. We provide complete turnkey solutions from idea generation to deployment and support.

Customized Games

Other than recreational games, our team provides customized game services to individuals and organizations aiming to use games for more specific applications. Our teams design and develop cross platform customized games and simulations for clients with minimal or zero game development knowledge.

Platform Porting

We provide porting services that enable individuals and organizations to reach markets on previously unavailable devices. Porting includes platform specific as well as cross-technology ports where we take existing games convert them from one technology or platform to another.

The Art Studio

Our in – house Art Studio offers the following services – concept art, animation, asset creation, in-game integration and level building for console, casual/social and mobile.




Join Us

We at Axiom Studios believe in excellence and quality. Being gamers ourselves, we understand the passion and commitment required to deliver a high quality game.
We always welcome people who share our vision, and show exceptional talent.

***Current Openings – July 2015***

1) Unity 3D Developer

Unity 3D Developer with 1-2 years experience
Solid foundation in C, C++ & Java
Knowledge of at least one scripting language such as Javascript, AS3, Lua & Python are almost mandatory


Prior experience developing games and knowledge of 2D and 3D game engines.
Extensive gaming experience.
An utter passion for gaming (even if you don’t have the required skills).

2) Business Development Executives

Business Development Executives with 1-2 years experience in online marketing or business administration
Masters or Bachelor degree, preferably in online marketing or business administration
Existing know-how and previous practical work experience within the field of online advertising or business development
Strong interpersonal skills, outstanding business sense and confidence in building sustainable relationships
Existing network in the gaming industry is a plus

Send us an email at careers@axiomstudios.co.in with your CV, a short letter with why you wish to join us and examples of your work.

  • Special note for interns & recent graduates

While work experience is always a bonus, we always welcome fresh talent. If you believe that you fulfill our requirements, please do send us an email at careers@axiomstudios.co.in.



Siddharth Ghatwai

Game Artist

Ebby Yohannan

Jr. Game Developer

Snehal Ahirrao

Jr. Game Developer

Nikhil Patil

Sr. Game Developer

Abdulrahim Gazekhan

Sr. Game Developer

Venkat Chadar

Co-Founder & Creative Developer

Neha Chandar




Privacy Policy

Axiom Studios LLP (hereinafter referred to as “Axiom Studios”) respects the privacy of its online visitors and users. Axiom Studios hence, has adopted this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) that explains how Axiom Studios gathers, stores and uses information from its products, services and websites (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).
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Other scenarios where personal information will be required include, but are not limited to (i) registering for social services through our products (Such as leaderboards, friends lists etc), (ii) requesting tech support with our products, (iii) Any other Service that Axiom Studios provides that requires the revealing of personal information.
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Security of Information & Safeguards

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